Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Xi'an: South Wall Facing West

An HDR image, one hope against dull days.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Old Man of Tuyuguo II

Less tinkering. Maybe less is more.

Old Man of Tuyuguo I

Veveza 2 to bring out the face in color; default BW conversion. Some tiny sharpening. Some structuring/texturing in the face.

Old Man, Dangjiacun, Medieval Village near Xi'an

Am interested in the texture of his face. Used infrared filter in converting to BW

Old City, Kashgar, Silk Route, Xinjiang

This is a street in the Old City in Kashgar, on a rainy day. Used Vevaza 2 to add texture to the street and walls.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hemu: Light Rain Morning

White Sand Mountain: Pamir Plateau

Nikon D80; RAW; Red Filter; Adobe RGB. This is Mr. Lee.

New Blurb Book: Xinjiang

I continue to revise and update the large, hardcover, Blurb book on my Xinjiang travels. The current revision is Rev. 4 here. I will keep the revisions logged on this Blog. If any are interested in buying (or just looking using the good Blurb Viewer), check to make sure you are looking at the latest version.

Near Tashkurgan Reserve

Nikon D80; RAW; Adobe RGB; Red Filter

Tashkurgan Reserve

Taken at the Tashkurgan (or Tashqorgan) Reserve area en route to the Khanjurab Pass to Gilgit, Pakistan, with a Nikon D80, RAW format. Set Levels boundaries and BW with Red Filter. Adobe RGB (1998).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gonger/Hawks BW

Gonger is in the clouds, with a line of hawks across the sky. This is a black and white image, but it seems to suggest color. So should the palladium print.


From China, 2010 - Karakoram Highway, Xinjiang, and Xi'an
This is Gonger in the Karakoram range. Let's see how it works as a BW...

A Black and White Version

Saved this in 16 bits as an option from Photomatrix. The red filter gave the best results going to Black and White in Photoshop CS5. Ron Reeder suggested that adjustments be done in 16 bits where possible.

Some Interesting Images Developing...

From China, 2010 - Karakoram Highway, Xinjiang, and Xi'an

This is an HDR image that should make an excellent black and white print. It was taken at sundown in Hemu, Northern Xinjiang with my Olympus 350SP using automatic bracketing. That is normal exposure and then 1 stop over and 1 stop under. Photomatrix Pro merges them and uses tone mapping for the final treatment. I have also used the PicasaWeb as a source for this picture in order not to double post. The linkage also involves the link to the album as well.