Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Last Saturday" Coming Up - Labrang Show Coming Down

This Saturday will be the last opportunity to see the Labrang Monastery prints at the SCA Gallery. The show comes down after the Art Walk, which concludes this Saturday evening. I'll be there in the 6-7 pm window when it will be much less hectic than when the show opened on Second Saturday, both in terms of parking and people. Always fun to talk about photographs and remote places in the world. (If you have not been to the SCA Gallery, it is in the basement at 281 S. Thomas. Look for the entry on Thomas north of the restaurant. Take the elevator down one floor or take the stairs, which are on the right as you enter.)

For those who are interested in purchasing a print, you can do so at the Gallery through Bob Pece, the Curator. I think you'll find the prices quite affordable. A portion of each sale goes to this excellent gallery, which I am pleased to support. Check the online version of the catalog, which should open in your browser courtesy of Google Docs. (If it doesn't, there is a hard copy at the SCA.) I would be happy to help as well, so contact me if you have any questions. The best way to do this is via email at jcmanleyy@gmail.com.

Palladium prints from my first show are also available. Check the earlier online catalog at this direct link, or check back to July in this Blog.

Two Blurb books are available as well. The first features prints from the June SCA show; the second, my trip to Western China in November (which did not include Labrang, but did include images from along the Silk Route).

They can be purchased directly from Blurb, which has a neat "preview" program. The links below let you preview each book in your browser for free. If wished, they can be ordered with several options, including a premium lustre paper option. In my opinion, Blurb does a very high quality job on these books.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Extended Catalog of Labrang Prints

The prints in the show are the tip of the iceberg of my recent work on Labrang. Follow this link to a PDF catalog of the prints in the show and also many more. I've focused on color, but I've done some palladium work as well, especially portraits. Also, I've done some "grouped" prints, including two "quads" which present a composite view of a single image. The composite is made of four 16x20" images. Framed, the dimensions are 32x40".

There are also two "diptychs" -- two 16x20" prints forming a single image if placed side-by-side, and a ""triptych" -- three 16x20's forming a single image. However, I've tried to "frame" each panel individually from a compositional point of view so that they need not be placed together, only near each other.

Finally, the 17x75" panorama of the Labrang Monastery and surrounding territory is also available with its plexiglass and hardware. (If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jcmanleyy@gmail.com.)

The Second Saturday Event

The SCA Gallery was absolutely innundated this past Saturday. My show went up with a Cal Poly faculty and student show in the rest of gallery. There was an event in the Fox theater down the block, plus the other openings during Second Saturday in the Arts Colony. The result was a fierce competition for parking and some gasping for air in the gallery. Nevertheless, some twenty or so friends braved these challenges. Ed, Julie, her husband, and Ed's daughter are in this picture.