Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still Time to Visit Contemplative Spaces

The show will be coming down the week of August 20th, so there a few more days to stop by and enjoy the display space which was once a part of the Claremont Gallery of Art but which now houses the Pilates Studio M. Check for hours here.

The show is designed to be seen, but each print is available for sale at the Studio and can be picked up on the 20th. Check with Maria Bernhard at 323-632-2386 or 909-625-3333 or email at The Studio's URL is

Each 16" x 20" framed color print is available for just $175; each palladium print: $200. Each color banner scroll (27.5" x 65") also $175.

There are several "Quad" panels available for more; many smaller 8.5 x 11" matted but unframed prints still available for just $35. These have been printed on a variety of fine arts papers. Check the blog here and here.

The catalog can be purchased for $20 online or at the Studio. An intriuguing option is to purchase the catalog as a eBook for the iPad for just $4.99.

Check out the Foothills Magazine review of the show and also some of my efforts to provide a home-grown audio tour and QR codes to key links about the show.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Second Palladium Candidate

The two prints were made from scans of the Rollei 120 film negatives. I've printed them using both Photoshop and QuadTone RIP. The Fine Arts papers now have printer-specific icc profiles, so even black and white prints well using PS. But the QuadTone drivers and curves are really excellent. It's possible to add just the slightest hint of sepia, just enough to warm the print yet remain true to the source.

The Rollei optics still amaze. The slightly-out-of-focus driftwood in the left foreground suggests depth and contrasts with the crip focus on the upper right. Even the 400 film provided a wonderful tonal range. Also, the analog film is quite forgiving.

Back to Black and White

Contemplative Spaces will be up until August 20th, but it's about time to return to black and white. This driftwood assembly from a recent Yosemite trip was photographed using my venerable Rolleiflex. I thought I had 100 ISO in the camera and exposed accordingly. But when I removed it, I discovered it was 400. So I had Swan's "pull" it 2 stops. It worked! Even with old film stock, estimating exposures (I didn't use a light meter), and the pull, many of the prints turned out great. I've printed them on Montvale Acquerelle, a photo-canvas stock and on Epson Enhanced Matte. The two driftwood images are candidates for large palladium prints soon.