Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foothills Magazine Article About the Show

I was delighted to see a short article in the August Foothills Magazine about the show. I excerpt it from page 10. The link to the full PDF article is here. Many thanks to Don Sproul for covering the show.

(Click on the article to get a better view. You can also enlarge the image using the "Control +" function on your browser. The text is quite clear if you do.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Show Extended

I'm delighted to say that the show has been extended well into August. There will be another First Friday opening (better, "re-opening") August 3rd, with the aerial show at about 7:30. Look for some new prints. Those who have bought prints should be able to collect them before the end of the extended show.

There are unframed prints available, too, as well as catalogs, available at the Studio or at Blurb. The prints made on fabric are one of a kind, so now is the time to purchase one of the remaining ones.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Testing Video

With the iPhone 4, HD-quality video became widely possible to do. (Editing, of course, is another matter.) So I thought I would take a short video of the layout of the show, edit it on my iPhone using iMovie, and publish it using YouTube, TwitVid, and Tumblr. YouTube remains the standard, TwitVid works well. Tumblr took a long time to upload, though. The link uses YouTube "embed" feature.

Monday, July 9, 2012


The Pilates M Studio is open during the week for viewing. The best hours are 8:30 to 2:30, but you might want to text Maria Bernhard at 323-632-2386 to make sure or make an appointment. I plan to be there about 1:00 on Tuesday, but the studio will be closed this Wednesday after 11:30, so NO Webinar at 4:00. I'll post updates on the best times to view the show, so look for them on this Blog.

The First Friday Opening...

The natural light in the late afternoon provided great illumination for the prints. When the sun went down, the studio lighting provided excellent, warm illumination. Thanks to all of the many friends and acquaintances who stopped by. I enjoyed the conversations very much. Thanks also to David Shearer and Maria Bernhard who made the opening a warm and an aesthetic occasion.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Today: July 6th at 6pm -- Show Opens at Packing House

Dust off your calendars. Today's the day. Follow the signs to the Pilates M Studio in the Packing House, West Claremont, 1st Street, just West of Indian Hill. Show opens at 6 pm and I'll be there. Parking will be tight, but there should be some places open near the top of the parking structure.

This show is part of the First Friday Art Walk, so check out other shows in the area. There's a 7:30 aerial show on the "silks" on the schedule, so stop back then.

Check the archives of this blog for more information about the catalog, themes, and details of this show. See you there!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Show Webinar: An Invitation

The show has an opening, a catalog and an audio tour, so why not a webinar, especially for those far away who can't make it to the show during the month of July? The proprietary "Webinar" is pricey, but Skype permits video conference calls which are quite competitive in terms of quality and features and yet is free. So I propose a Skype conference on some of the items in the show from the perspective of the photographer.

If I can find a good wifi source at the gallery, I'll broadcast from there using my iPhone. Otherwise I'll broadcast from home on July 11, Wednesday, at 4:00 pm PDT. With Skype, each participant can call up pages on his or her browser, so it will be possible to direct you to particular images on the web while we speak. If I'm at the gallery, we can look at the actual prints.

I suspect that there's a practical upper limit of the number of participants, especially if we are all using video, so the plan is to limit the first webinar to the first six participants. So if you are interested, sign up by emailing me (or commenting on this posting on this Blog) of your interest and giving me your Skype username. I'll create a group and let you know of the status of that group. If for some reason there are more than 6 interested, I'll schedule another webinar. My Skype username is "Carharty". I'll keep the first meeting to about a half-hour. It will be informal and mostly questions and answers after a few comments and we get going.

I'll initiate the conference from the group I will have formed of the the first six respondents. Make sure your Skype in installed, configured and functioning. If you have your Skype open and ready, you should be hearing from me at 4:00 pm on July 11th. (If you are in town, don't forget the opening on July 6th!)

You can tell that I find these new possibilities intriguing. I've been a museum buff almost all of my life and have always hoped tools like these would come along!

PS Facetime would also be great to use but currently it supports only 1-to-1 video conferencing.