Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Twist: The Pinhole Camera

As a result of seeing the "First Photograph" I'm now interested in pinhole photography and have ordered a Holga Pinhole Camera. My plan is to explore the depth of field of the pinhole, develop the analog negatives (probably T-Max 400), scan them in high resolution, then print them using the palladium process. There is some really great work on Flickr in the "pinhole" and "palladium" fora. Follow this link for an example of what a pinhole camera can do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The "First Photograph"

1826 - view from a window captured on a metal plate using bitumen of Judea. This has kindled my interest in doing some palladium prints using a pinhole camera. But it would seem it could not be done directly...

More posts coming on this.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Future Shoots and Shows

Plans are coming together for a photographing several key monasteries inside and outside of Lhasa, Tibet, in July. I'm hoping also to combine these with photos from additional monasteries within China (besides Labrang) and also photos from two northern provincies of Malaysia for a Fall show at a venue to be determined. There will be both color and palladium prints and at least one Blurb book by then, so stay tuned!

On Second Saturday in May I'll have one or two prints at the SCA in their "Just Wing It" show, which will include art work of all sorts having to do with wings, birds, planes, ufo's - you name it!

That will be on May 14th. "The Last Saturday" will be on May 28. Receptions will be on the 14th and 28th, 6-8 in the evening as a part of the Pomona Art Walk.

The Print Collections Are Available Unframed Also

The Prints from Labrang and the earlier Palladium Prints were framed for the SCA shows, but frames are hard to ship or carry as luggage, so I'm happy to make them available unframed for those interested. Check with me on a particular print that you might like, but in general the cost would be $35-$50 less on the larger prints (the 16x20's in the 20x24 frames) and $25-$35 less on the smaller prints (the 11x14's in the 16x20 frames). See the March 22nd posting for the links to the two online catalogs, or click here to go directly to that page.

For show prints which have never been framed, I'd be happy to make them available with or without matts. Check with me on prices. I'll post a price list soon which will take into account these options.