Monday, May 28, 2012

3D Images also Featured

I love the "surprise" of a 3D image at the point were the brain "sees" the effect. I've been making 3D images for years and have found an appreciation of the anaglyph technique (the Red/Blue -- actually Cyan glasses -- approach). A stereo camera is not needed (and was not used) for the images I took. The image to the left started out as two glass-plate negatives, however, taken before the turn of the century in Hawaii and prepared as an analygph. The quality of these large format photographs is amazing. One can but wonder at the skill of 19th century photographers working in these difficult conditions with large cameras and sensitive emulsions.!

Banner Scrolls to be a Part of the New Show

This is a street scene at a "watertown" south of Shanghai. It is printed on fabric with the dimensions 27.5" x 65", evoking an Oriental scroll. I'll be exhibiting several from this set in the upcoming show. Follow the link to others that may be included.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

July 6th Venue Shared with Aerialists

You do see the prints there, just below the feet of the aerialist. It works. The show starts about 7 pm on First Friday. That's July 6th for my show.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Show Beginning July 6th in Claremont, CA

Starting with Claremont's First Friday Art Walk July 6th, 2012 I'll have a new show up for a month in an excellent venue, in the Packing House in what was a part of the Claremont Museum of Art and also until recently the OBJCT Gallery.

The show's provisional title is Collector's Choice and consists of old and new work in both color and palladium. The prints will include ones which fall under the following themes: The Sense of the Distant Past. Color and Contemplation, Xinjiang Journey, and Tibet in China. The majority of prints will be 20" x "24" but will include some 40" panoramas, 3D anaglyphs, and selected banners printed on color fabric.

A catalog is planned both in hard copy and an eBook version for the iPad.

Prints will be for sale at surprisingly reasonable prices, both framed and unframed. The show will run from July 6th until shortly before the next First Friday which is scheduled for August 3, 2012. I'll be posting the gallery hours shortly along with more information. But in the meantime, save the late afternoon on this date in your calendars!