Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've added some more HDR images from Malaysia to the ones primarily from Tongren. I'll be organizing them when I get back, but I've had fun working with them today, the day before I return to the US.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Labrang Monastery

Again, I want to respect the privacy of the monks at this important monastery. There are six major monasteries in the world. Four are in Tibet, but two are in China. One is Labrang. The other is the Kumbum monastery outside of Lanzhou, Gansu province.

Inside Monastery Halls

Typically, it is not possible to photograph within a monastery hall, especially an old one. But there are exceptions, but I want to handle these images with respect, and am looking for a way to make them selectively available.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos

The image is linked to a small set of HDR images on Picasaweb. The advantage of the the High Dynamic Range process is that the range of good exposure is much wider. This means that skies and shadows can both be normally exposed at the same time.

This is a temple on the mountain above Kangding, destroyed in the Cultural Revolution but recently rebuilt.

A Palladium Candidate

Could work....

MMS Images, iPhone

These are lower resolution images sent via MMS from my iPhone rather than through a data link. Neverthess, many are quite interesting. The image links to my On-The-Fly Blog.

These are farming terraces in the mountains approaching the pass that will bring me to Tongren and its monasteries.

Along the Moat, Xi'an, Facebook

This is a series I did with my Olympus 350 along the southern wall of the old Ming city. The URL points to a Facebook album.

Kangding Sampler, Facebook

I thought it might be helpful to link out the various other albums I've created from this Blog, making it the central place to look for my photos. Some albums are larger than others, some are less connected to my palladium work, though a good color photo is always a candidate for a palladium print. Here I start with some albums on Facebook via their public links.

Nanwu Temples Series, Picasaweb

The Nanwu Temple is a fascinating combination of color, architecture and tradition. I was especially interested in the banners, flags, and scarves and the challenge of photographing large buildings due to perspective.