Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Labrang Monastery Prints at the SCA Gallery in March

Come to the SCA Gallery on Second Saturday, March 12, for a glimpse of an emerging set of color prints on the Contemplative Spaces of the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe, Gansu Province, China. These were taken on my fall trip to China where my interest in Tibetan Buddhist architecture has been rekindled. The show will be in the Members Gallery, a part of the main SCA Gallery. As with other Second Saturday openings, it will start about 6:00 pm. Join me then for refreshments and perhaps dinner later.

Dunhuang was the focus on my June show at the Gallery. Tibetan Contemplative Spaces is the theme of this show, which will be up for two weeks. The images are from the Labrang Monastery the largest Tibetan monastery outside of Tibet. I'm continuing to use the palladium printing process, but I'm also creating color prints from this fascinating area as well.

According to Wikipedia, ...the monastery complex dominates the northern part of the village. The white walls and golden roofs feature a blend of Tibetan and Han architectural styles. The monastery contains 18 halls, six institutes of learning, a golden stupa, a sutra debate area, and houses nearly 60,000 sutras. The number of monks has now recovered to over 1,000. The clean white wall and open spaces shift one's perceptive mode into the contemplative.

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