Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Extended Catalog of Labrang Prints

The prints in the show are the tip of the iceberg of my recent work on Labrang. Follow this link to a PDF catalog of the prints in the show and also many more. I've focused on color, but I've done some palladium work as well, especially portraits. Also, I've done some "grouped" prints, including two "quads" which present a composite view of a single image. The composite is made of four 16x20" images. Framed, the dimensions are 32x40".

There are also two "diptychs" -- two 16x20" prints forming a single image if placed side-by-side, and a ""triptych" -- three 16x20's forming a single image. However, I've tried to "frame" each panel individually from a compositional point of view so that they need not be placed together, only near each other.

Finally, the 17x75" panorama of the Labrang Monastery and surrounding territory is also available with its plexiglass and hardware. (If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jcmanleyy@gmail.com.)

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