Friday, April 6, 2012

Sense of the Distant Past for the iPad

I've been intrigued with Blurb's forward thinking on publishing both hard copy and eBooks. It's quite simple to convert the *.pdf associated with a book published by Blurb to an *.epub format which can be read on the iPad. Blurb makes it possible to buy an iPad version of an existing book for $1.99. I find the quality remarkable, better than using Blurb's Viewer to preview the book. One can flip pages or zoom in. The print-quality DPI comes in handy here. Once downloaded, the eBook will appear in the iBooks library.

Once set up, anyone with an iPad/iPhone viewing the "Sell" page for a Blurb book will have the option to purchase the iPad/iPhone version in addition to the hard copy options. Click here to go to the "Sell" page. In you are simply interested in the technology, I think you'll find it's worth $1.99. If you are interested in palladium prints, well, that will make it a real value!

Blurb also makes it possible to set up a way to sell the same book through Apple. In this case, you need an ISBN number and a pricing understanding. Typically, a book is priced about $9.99, where the author receives about half. This, however, is only available some Blurb Beta users.

Interestingly, if you sell through Blurb, it doesn't appear that you can set a profit margin and the whole $1.99 goes to Blurb. If you sell through Apple, you cannot continue to sell through Blurb, but of course you can set your price. [NOTE: April 10. You can set the profit margin for Blurb-published eBooks, once you have bought a single copy. I'll update to $9.99 May 1st.]

I'm planning to sell botth the Sense of the Distant Past and Xinjiang: From the Karakorams to Hemu on Apple for $9.99 beginning in May. But whether sold from Blurb or Apple, the eBook is the same and ends up in your iBooks library. So you can save $8 until I shift over to Apple. :) [NOTE: April 10. I did update the price of the former book to $9.99 as of today.]

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