Sunday, July 1, 2012

Show Webinar: An Invitation

The show has an opening, a catalog and an audio tour, so why not a webinar, especially for those far away who can't make it to the show during the month of July? The proprietary "Webinar" is pricey, but Skype permits video conference calls which are quite competitive in terms of quality and features and yet is free. So I propose a Skype conference on some of the items in the show from the perspective of the photographer.

If I can find a good wifi source at the gallery, I'll broadcast from there using my iPhone. Otherwise I'll broadcast from home on July 11, Wednesday, at 4:00 pm PDT. With Skype, each participant can call up pages on his or her browser, so it will be possible to direct you to particular images on the web while we speak. If I'm at the gallery, we can look at the actual prints.

I suspect that there's a practical upper limit of the number of participants, especially if we are all using video, so the plan is to limit the first webinar to the first six participants. So if you are interested, sign up by emailing me (or commenting on this posting on this Blog) of your interest and giving me your Skype username. I'll create a group and let you know of the status of that group. If for some reason there are more than 6 interested, I'll schedule another webinar. My Skype username is "Carharty". I'll keep the first meeting to about a half-hour. It will be informal and mostly questions and answers after a few comments and we get going.

I'll initiate the conference from the group I will have formed of the the first six respondents. Make sure your Skype in installed, configured and functioning. If you have your Skype open and ready, you should be hearing from me at 4:00 pm on July 11th. (If you are in town, don't forget the opening on July 6th!)

You can tell that I find these new possibilities intriguing. I've been a museum buff almost all of my life and have always hoped tools like these would come along!

PS Facetime would also be great to use but currently it supports only 1-to-1 video conferencing.


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  1. The Gallery is closed at 4:00 today, so this Webinar is canceled. Keep an eye out for a rescheduled time. A colleague and I had a good conference earlier this week using FaceTime. The image quality was good and the sound almost acceptable. I'll try an ear bud next time. I'm interested in trying Skype on my iPhone using with WiFi. I'm also interested in trying Ustream Broadcaster. I've heard that it crashes, but when you start a broadcast, tweets go out announcing it with a URL. Anyone wishing to join can use the URL. There is a search feature also, though a little tricky to use on an iPhone as you are juggling it about...