Sunday, July 13, 2014

Clockwise Up, Singing Sands Area, near Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China

"Clockwise Up" - a modern-day camel caravan in the Singing Sands area near Dunhuang, Gansu Provice, China. Taken in September, 2005, these caravans still exist. You see them moving from the lower right portion of the image clockwise up to the ridge and beyond. One of three prints in the "No Strangers" show at the Art Intersection Gallery in Gilbert, AZ August 2-30.  Palladium, 16x20 on Arches Platine paper.


  1. Love this one: beautiful gradation of tones and strong composition!

    1. Thanks, Joan. I went back to the original image and found many new possibilities, especially the sky, which I had ignored in earlier prints.

  2. Working from the original file offered an opportunity to improve the sky and overall contrast. Compare to