Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Catalogs: Books and eBooks

This Blog has served a couple of purposes over the past five years. It is first of all a log of my activities, primarily in creating prints using the palladium printing process from the 1870's. It is also a log of  shows in this area where my prints have appeared.

This includes technically interesting things which go along with shows, such as audio tours, special labeling which includes scan codes (and more), but it includes portals to books and eBooks where one can buy hard copy or digital versions.

Given the many postings, these links are deeply embedded in posts that are now several years old. So in this posting, I want to organize and highlight these links.

The Sense of the Distant Past - containing a full set of palladium prints. It is also the catalog associated with the show of the same name at the SCA Gallery in the Arts Colony in Pomona, California in 2010.

These links go to the Blurb website to the specific page for the specific version of the book. It's also easy to go directly to Blurb.com and search for "James Manley" which will also locate these books.

Xingjiang: From the Karakoram Highway to Hemu - This is the travel book associated with my trip to far western China in 2010, published in 2012. All color - but still evoking a sense of the distant past.

The link to the hard copy lets you page through the book - still a very neat feature. It is not enabled on the eBook version, but the images are the same.

Contemplative Spaces - A small catalog I did for a show focused on Tibetan themes

Not all of the shows have catalogs associated with them. In a later posting, I'll highlight the shows.

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