Thursday, June 14, 2012

Contemplative Spaces: Common Threads

What do the remote Tibetan-style monasteries in China, a creek in the Angeles National forest in California, a church in the Cotswolds in England have in common? They are all contemplative spaces. This show draws together such spaces across different print media, such as Palladium, Ultrachrome, and printing on fabric. It also draws together several display-threads.

Several palladium prints are being shown for the first time. This 130-year old process is demanding in the creation of a digital negative for the contact print and for the rigors of the palladium process itself.

The second involves making color prints using Epson's Ultrachrome pigments and Enhanced Matt paper. This is also a process which produces fine, archival prints. I've focused in this show on 16 x 20" prints matted and mounted in 20 x 24" frames. But I have also included several "banner scrolls" printed on fabric which have been shown at the Downtown Center in Pomona earlier in the decade. The technique of printing on fabric was pioneered by our local BMT studio and is an industrial technique which I adapted for art prints.

The third involves 3D prints using the "red/cyan" glasses (anaglyph) technique using a single camera by shooting a "right eye" and then a "left eye" view and adjusting the overlay of red and cyan images. Three of the 16 x 20" prints and two of the banner scrolls are 3D anaglyphs. 3D glasses will be available at the show.

A majority of the prints are based on photos I took in western China from Dunhuang along the early Silk Route and in Gansu and nearby provinces where Tibetan culture still flourishes, providing a variety of contemplative spaces.

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