Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Experimenting with Audio Touring...

There are a variety of guide-by-cell-phone services that are available, but most charge at a rate that you would expect. I've been wondering whether one could replicate a cell-phone-like service at a temporary exhibition. Partly the issue how much time do you want to spend dialing, entering item numbers, etc. One good way to do it would be to put a scanlife logo on each label. Voila! anyone with an iPhone could go directly to a sound file featuring that item. But multiple logos means a monthly service cost to support multiple logos. But apps like Audioboo might be just the ticket.

It's possible to record a short sound file for each gallery item of interest. That tiny URL might be a part of a bulleted list on this blog. A logo would direct the iPhone user to that specific blog page. The user could then tap items in the list and listen to the accompanying audio. One could make the bulletted hyperlink entries quite large so that it would be easy to see and tap them. An example follows (though not large).

The first link works but it is a pure sound link, so the screen does not show a picture but only the "player" screen. It would be nice to have a picture and the sound playing together as in my Audioboo dashboard. Well, almost. The link shows the PC version, not the iPhone version. More choices to make, but not impossible. You could have a list of titles to tap. I wonder if you can reorder the list. Stay tuned.

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