Sunday, June 17, 2012

Using the SCANLIFE Link Logo

I've been intrigued with the SCANLIFE iPhone and iPad linker since I first saw it in use in New York last October in the vicinity of Ground Zero. The beauty of the logo is that it can be scanned with the Scanlife iPhone or iPad app and it will take you to a URL address. No need to try to type in a long URL. The URL can provide more information about the site. This is a natural for outside museum displays; also, for in-museum displays. The number of links you can use for free, however, is limited to three.

I've included this logo on a poster at the show. The associated link takes you to the Blurb purchase page for the show catalog.
What is especially cool, I think, is that you can elect to purchase the eBook version and immediately download it to your iPhone or iPad and open it in iBooks. Right on the spot! The logo works onscreen as well. Try it and see. No obligation.

If you are viewing this post with an iPhone or iPad and don't have the Scanlife app, go directly to, download and install it. Then scan the logo above with it.

Also included in the lower right corner next to my name is a second Scanlife logo. This one takes you to this Blog.

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