Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Featured Print #1

I call this print "The Sentinel" because it is so prominent on the first ridge of hills outside of Dunhuang. It is most likely a meditation hut but could also serve as a lookout post as well. Is is interesting as a palladium print because of the tonal range -- wider than that of a regular silver-gelatin print. It is possible to "read" the detail in the shadow on the right while at the same time there is no white "blowout," and the gravel on the lower left is clear and distinct. This print has quite intense blacks, perhaps "cooler" than many palladium blacks. It printed well at 16 x 20 inches even though the pixel density is modest. It is at the Gallery but not mounted. Cheryl would be happy to show it. I've also printed it as in the larger "Quad" format and the exposure and tonal range are consistent with the smaller 16 x 20 one, although I've not placed this one at the Gallery.

This image also highlights a key historical temple at Dunhuang. Look past the right side of the "Sentinal". You will see a taller building rising up against the foliage along Dunhuang's central creek. That is the building an explorer saw more than a hundred years ago. Dunhuang was abandoned at that time and but for that building, the discovery (or rather rediscovery) might have occurred much later.

ID # 25; 16 x 20; $200 Pricelist

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