Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great Party!

Many thanks to those who made the trek to this past Second Saturday at the SCA Project Gallery! The turnout was awesome and this photographer very much appreciated the support of friends, fellow faculty, and the Claremont Cyclists.

Many thanks to Bob Pece, who hung the show, and to Cheryl Bookout who is a master of human resources, even with an injured foot. It was great to have my brother and sister, Linda and Randy, and daughter, Pippa, present for the event.

I found the conversations at the gallery were stimulating and I thank those who stopped by for the opportunity to talk about the special palladium printing process. I welcome "followers" of the blog. All this means is that you are updated when the Blog is updated, so that you no longer need to stop by in order to see if anything new has been posted. It's my plan to offer some thoughts on particular prints from a technical and aesthetic point of view. If you are interested, joining would make it easier to extend the conversation.

For those who asked about buying a print, the SCA would be very happy to oblige. Let Cheryl know. If you are in the vicinity, stop by the SCA Project store which is next door to the gallery. Her email is Telephone: 909-865-0252.

Let her know the ID number of the print you are interested in from the list in the gallery or this copy, which contains the ID and thumbnails of the prints in the show (and those at the far end of the gallery as well).

She can put a "sold" marker on the your print. (There are a couple up already - #'s 15 and 22.) You can then collect it when the show comes down. A commision goes to support this excellent gallery.

You may order the catalogue here from the Blurb bookstore either as a hardback, with or without a dustjacket, or as a softback. I would recommend premium paper in any case.

Your cost is Blurb's standard fee plus plus a small royalty for the Gallery of $2 for the paperback and $3 for the hardback version. Blurb is charting new territory in my opinion and I think you'll find excellent workmanship, relatively low cost and efficient delivery. You might also be intrigued enough, as I was, to make your own book.


  1. Loved the opening, Jim. An inspiring set of masterwork prints!

  2. Thanks, Randy, it was great to have you here.