Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Featured Print #7

This "Flowing Sands" print has cooler palladium tones than many. The tonal range is good, even on a very bright day and this is, in part, due to palladium's wide tonal range. If the image had greater pixel density, a red filter in photoshop would have darked in sky more dramatically, but since this is not the case, a more muted filter effect was used. The good density of the digital negative invites creating a larger composite image which I have done much like the "Quad" 32 x 40 inch central piece in the show, but unlike that piece the task was to make a "seamless" composite. The central piece, with visible dividing lines seems the more satisfactory and the "Flowing Sands" Quad (Quadtych?) is not in the show.
ID #11 11 x 14 $125 Pricelist

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