Monday, June 7, 2010

What's Happening Saturday, June 12

Well, the show begins then for one thing. But this is part of "Second Saturday" so all of the galleries will be open. The opening at the SCA Project Gallery starts at 6 in the evening, but it will be open before then, as will the other galleries as well. So my suggestion is to come before six if you can, enjoy the Art Walk and then come to the SCA Project Gallery, ground floor at 281 South Thomas. Take a look here for some background on the galleries in the Arts Colony area. They have done pretty well over the past few years.

Find your way downstairs at the SCA Gallery. There is an elevator. The stairs are to your right as you enter. There are two shows this month. One is on architecture. Mine is towards the far side of the gallery.

The "opening" is scheduled from 6-9, but folks tend to thin out about 8:30. I'll be there from 6 on. Part of what is nice about art walks, openings and such is that it does give people a chance to meet, greet, chat, catch up and talk about art and different places in the world. Or, just think of it as a party!

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